Choosing the Right Cricket Bat

Cricket Bat 2

Cricket is a popular and noble sport played all over the world. The uniqueness of the equipment and the style of the game set it aside from other sports, though some similarities are evident. Cricket is played at both professional and amateur levels, and special equipment such as cricket bats are used in this game. As is common with any other product, wear and tear are common in cricket bats, calling for periodic renewal and replacement. When this happens, it’s time to acquire a new cricket bat from your local store or online dealers.

What to considerCricket Bat

When buying a cricket bat, several factors are conside
red to ensure that you take home a quality bat which will give value for your money. Such factors include size, brand, style of play and weight of the bat. Choosing bats based on brands may be viewed as a personal preference, but it’s the variations between models that give differences between brands and not the brand name. Some models are almost unique with features such as graphite matrix which gives maximum power transfer and better strength.

The style of play should also be considered when buying a cricket bat. It’s good to go for a model that best suits your style of play. Some bats are specifically designed for certain styles of play. The big kookaburra kahuna, for example, is designed for big strong hitters whereas the Kookaburra Kahuna Ricky Ponting cricket bat is a great choice for a stroke player who likes hitting boundaries.

Appropriate size

The correct sCricket Bat 2ize bat is also worth consideration. Going for a bat that is too large or too small will hinder your playing ability and hence your enjoyment during the game. To determine the right size of a bat, stand in your batting stance and fix the toe of the bat at of your back foot. When you lean the cricket bat with the handle resting next to the inside groin, the bat is supposed to rest comfortably next to your box on the inside groin of your front leg.

Appropriate weight

The weight of a cricket bat is possibly the most important aspect of the bat, and you should go for, a lighter bat where possible. Your performance will suffer to a great extent if you make mistakes by buying bats which are too heavy as a result. This is common in younger players who often make mistakes of buying bats which are either too heavy or very big. Go for the right weight of the bat so as to have a great moment on the pitch.