How to Choose the Right Baby Carrier

baby carrier

Do you want the best baby carrier? As a concerned parent, you do not want your baby to roam freely around busy streets. A baby carrier ensures that your child is safe from the harms nearby. To get the right baby carrier, you have to look at the different features of the carrier.


You should note that the size matters to you and the toddler. If the baby is short or tall, you ought to find a unit that will suit both their overall body size and limbs. If you have a short stature, you should choose a carrier whose hip band does not go over the pelvic bones.


Remember that you need to carry your child in a healthy and safe way. This can be quite difficult if the carrier is quite heavy. The heaviness can stem from the design of the carrier and heavy padding added. You need to purchase a well-structured carrier that is light enough to be comfortable for you and your baby.


At any time, you do not want your baby to be uncomfortable. Therefore, you have to check the uncomfortable fabric for the child’s smooth skin. Ensure you find a non-toxic material that offers excellent breathability, and it is soft. It is advisable to choose mesh fabrics as they ensure your child gets adequate ventilation. Preferable fabrics are cotton blends, linen, and nylon as they absorb the sweat from your child.


Manufacturers have reasons they design carriers based on the age of children. For instance, they need to ensure that the child is safe and comfortable at all stages. Newborns require more support as compared to toddlers. This is because they lack head balance and neck support. Therefore, if a newborn sleeps in the wrong position, this can be quite dangerous. Their carriers should come with inserts that support their delicate bodies.

Carrying Positions

mom with baby carrierIt is a good idea to buy a carrier that allows you to switch to different positions. Ideally, the maximum positions you can switch are four. For newborns, the hip position is the best, and front-facing one is appropriate. This is because the front position allows the child to explore the world. Ensure you choose a position that is comfortable for your child. Some carriers can be worn in any given position.

Safety Features

Some of the safety features to look for include wide seats, clear space, non-toxic fabrics, padded straps, and adjustable straps. Also, you have to look for baby-friendly accessories.