Feature Of The Customized Plastic Bags


A plastic bag is a type of container made of thin, flexible, plastic film or non-woven fabric. Plastic bags is a common form of packaging whereby are mainly used in transporting goods such as food, powders, ice cubes, magazines, chemicals, and waste. A Large percentage of plastic bags are heat sealed together while the small percentage are bonded with adhesives or are stitched together. The Sacolas Plasticas come in the form of different designs and features. They are produced in various ways because they serve different purposes. Customized plastic bags have different features such as;



plastic bagSome plastic bags have gussets which allow a higher volume of contents to be packed. They have a larger surface area to allow more space for storage or package. Some of the customized plastic bags are firm, so they have the ability to stand on their own on a shelf or inside a refrigerator. Some of them have an easy opening or enclosable options which enable a person to carry the goods inside the plastic bag with fewer difficulties.


In some cases, a minority of the customized plastic bags consist of handles which are cut into or added whereby heavy goods can be lifted or carried to a particular destination with ease. Some of the plastic bags are usually made from strong heat sealed nylon or polyester which can resist or withstand high temperatures of boiling water. In this case, they are often used for sealed frozen foods.


A minority of the plastic bags are porous or are perforated which allows the hot water to contact the food such as rice, noodles, etc. Some of the plastic bags have the bag in box feature whereby the packaging is often used for liquids such as wines and institutional sizes of other liquids. Some bags are sealed for a tamper-evident capability which includes which make them last for long for a period

Some of the bags consist of a press to seal feature which aids the bag to become accessible only when a perforated outer seal is torn away. Being of the nonporous quality of plastic film the plastic bags are used for many medical purposes due to its usefulness for isolating infectious body fluids.


blue trash bagOther types of plastic bags made from non-woven plastic have the characteristics of being porous thus they can be sterilized by gas and still maintain the sterility. Being lightweight and also of its flexibility nature, in hospitals the plastic bags can be carried or laid next to patients without making the patient uncomfortable as a heavy glass bottle would be.