What You should Know About Duos Catering Service

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The catering business is a highly successful outfit based in Seattle. They pride themselves in using only the best ingredients available for their meals. All the ingredients they use are sourced from well-tendered farms. Duos Catering services have highly competent chefs who are well trained in the preparation of delicious meals. They are known as the Top of the line Duos Catering services open for business! Competence and Diligence are the ideals behind the incredible success of the Duos Catering Services.


Wedding Ceremonies

If you have a Wedding Ceremony, then be sure to patronize Duos Catering Services. They are well equipped and very experienced when it comes to serving Guests at your wedding ceremony. They understand the cravings and the expectation of your guests, and they know how to satisfy them. food served on tableWhatever kind of wedding you are planning, big or small, Duos Catering Services is ideal for you. Every time you call on Duos for your wedding ceremony; they will offer your guests a memorable and creative menu option that will leave them wanting more.

Birthdays and Events

They have the resources and specialized equipment to cater for your wedding be it indoor or outdoor. They also have a team that handles wines and drinks. They can provide your wedding with any level of bar service you may require. Their excellent mixologists would produce a cocktail that will ensure that your guests don’t want to go home. Whatever your preference as a client, either wine, beer or spirit, their mixologists will take care of the details to produce excellent results.

Bar service

Duos Catering Services is ideal for catering for your birthday parties, getting Together Events, Anniversaries, Meetings, e.t.c. They are very versatile and understand the specific needs of each and every type of event you may be hosting. It is guaranteed that when foodyou call on Duos, they will ensure that your guests leave happier than they came.
Duos also provide Bar Service for your events. If you are having a cocktail party or any event that needs a Bar Service, then Duos Catering Service is ideal for you. Their Bar Service includes:

(i) Host Bar

A Host bar is when you as a hosted pay for all the drinks consumed by your guest.

(ii) Cash Bar

A Cash Bar is when your guests purchase all the drinks and wine they consume.


Duos Catering Service is located at 2940 Sw Avalon Way, Seattle, WA. If you are hosting any event, then you need the best catering service in Seattle to serve you. Also, if you have a friend that is hosting an event, do remember to tell him or her that Top of the line Duos Catering Services open for business!