Global Warming and Preventive Measures

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Because global temperatures are rising, there is a huge concern for global warming and preventive measures among ordinary people and governments. The amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is rising and is at a higher level than at any time in our history. As temperatures all across the globe are rising faster than in the past 1000 plus years, it is now time that we did something to prevent and also mitigate the ill effects of global warming. Here is what we need to do:

Cut our energy usagesmoke from factory

The first thing that we can do to prevent global warming is cut our energy usage. The energy that we are using at home and our offices is directly contributing to higher CO2 levels in the atmosphere and by burning fossil fuels to produce this energy we are letting out greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere that is in turn contributing to global warming. By reducing our carbon footprint at a personal level, we can contribute to lowering global warming.

Switch to better buying habits

ice brake melting The goods that we buy and the products that we are using are all contributing to global warming. This is why we need to switch to better buying habits. We should, for example, switch to buying products that have good EPA recommended Energy Star certification as these products will work with greater efficiency and also last for longer. It also pays to purchase items that have recycled content in them and which do not require much packaging.

Change how we commute

Car travel is a major factor that causes about 25 percent of energy use in America. It is polluting the air with chemicals as well as pollutants. If we want to reduce global warming, then we need to cut down on our travel by car and we should opt for public transportation or walk or even ride bikes to get from one place to another.

Put an end to deforestation

Deforestation directly contributes to global warming. When huge areas of forest are cut down or warning globe in handburned it causes CO2, which is a greenhouse gas to enter the atmosphere. Since trees suck up this CO2, cutting them down means that there is no way for the CO2 to be taken out of the atmosphere. One way to help prevent global warming is by championing causes like reforestation and ending wanton deforestation.

Now that you know a little bit about global warming and preventive measures, it is time to stop procrastinating and making these small but important changes that will dramatically help reduce global warming. Things like changing one’s buying behavior can certainly prevent global warming. Take heed of these warnings now before things get totally out of hand.